Multi Sports Club for people aged 16 + with learning disabilities

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. When and where do you meet?

This varies according to the activity. Click on the links below for details.

Friday Football

Saturdays Gym/fitness

Sundays - Aquafit

Sundays and Thursdays Multi sports

Mondays Compass Dance Group

Other activities

2. Who can join?

Anyone aged 16 +, with moderate to severe learning difficulties, and/or physical disabilities. People outside of this age range may be admitted at the discretion of the management committee.  Siblings and friends are welcome to join in subject to spaces being available.

We recommend you visit a sports session, to see how you feel you would fit in, and to discuss your needs with one of our committee members. There is no charge for your first trial session.  Following that, if you like us, you would complete an application form, and start attending sessions. Some people will feel happy joining in straight away, others may take several weeks to settle.  The club is run by parents, so we understand every person is different.  We encourage you to persevere, progress at a pace suitable to needs and ability, and there is no pressure put on any individual. 

You only start paying when you start playing!

3. How much, and how do I pay?

There is an annual membership donation suggested at £12.00 which covers all family members.  Extra voluntary donations are welcomed and we encourage you to gift aid where possible.

Additional charges apply to attend activities (zoom sessions are free):

Football: £5.00 per session, pay weekly
Aquafit: £5.00 per session, pay weekly
Multi Sports: £5.00 per session, pay weekly
Compass Dance: £5.00 per session if attending in person, £3.00 per session if attending via zoom, pay weekly 
Saturday Zoom Dance: £3.00 per session, pay weekly

Other activities vary.

Cheques payable to "Multi Sports Club". Online payments are also available.

Monthly invoices can be arranged.

Attendance at the various activities is dependent on payment being received. If payment is not received within 6 months of the session taking place, you will no longer be considered a member of the club and will not be able to attend any future sessions until payment has been received.

Attendance on some sessions is subject to advance payment being received.

If you need financial assistance to attend sessions, please contact one of the committee members to discuss.

4. How secure are sessions?

Activities are generally held in enclosed spaces such as school sports halls, or leisure centres, and risk assessments are carried out regularly and for new venues.

Coaches, volunteers and committee members have current Criminal Records Bureau (CRB/DBS) disclosures.

Committee members have attended Safeguarding Children and vulnerable adults training courses, Food safety and first aid courses.

We have the Clubmark award which indicates that we are a well run club.  We are affiliated to the Royal Mencap Society, who have checked out the club.

Committee members supervise sessions.

Coaches are all qualified in the relevant sport, and have first aid qualifications and kits.

5. What if there is a problem?

Report problems to a committee member. We have a child and vulnerable adults protection policy, printed copy is available on request, which documents the actions to be taken if an incident is reported or observed.

Because of the nature of the club, accidents and injuries are possible.  We do our best to ensure a safe environment, but there is a risk.  We have risk assessments in place.  Coaches have first aid qualifications and kits.  The club has a first aid kit as do the venues we use.

6.  What should I wear and bring with me?

Wear comfortable loose fitting trousers and t-shirts.  Sports trainers with good support.  Shin pads are recommended for some sports.  Bring a drink of water in a sports bottle - avoid juice/fizzy drinks.   No jewellery, watches etc that could be damaged or cause injury if caught up, or catch other people in close contact.

7.  Who runs the club?

The club is run by a small group of parents and volunteers.

8.  Where does the club get its funding?

The club members pay a £12 annual family membership donation, and average £5 per hour of activity.  We rely on fund raising, donations etc to subsidise the activities in order to pay for coaches, sports halls, insurance, publicity, web site hosting fees, postage etc.

9.  Can I help with fund raising?

We are happy for people to get involved with our own fund raising activities and help out.  Contact a committee member if you have ideas for events etc.

If you would like to raise money for the club through sponsorship, work matched donations, or other donation schemes, please talk to us about it.  Examples of activities people have carried out for us include marathon runs, school non-uniform days, loose change boxes, and workplace giving schemes.

Anyone can help if they buy online through Easyfundraising - link on the home page.  The site pays the club commission on sales when you access a site  through its pages.  

We are a registered charity (1109962), and also registered with HMRC to collect tax back through gift aid.

10.  Can I help out with sessions for you?

Coaches should have level 2 qualifications to run sessions independently, and their own liability insurance, first aid qualification DBS certificate and Safeguarding certificate. 

Volunteers need enthusiasm, patience and to be reasonably active to support our club members.  Minimum age is 14.  If you are over 16 and don't have a recent CRB/DBS disclosure of your own, we will obtain one for you at no cost to yourself.